Horse Devours was a "pandemic project" my partner Leyla and I created. Our passion for the hospitality, food and beverage industries generated a digital zine where we talked wine, beer, cocktails, and food. We also touched on other spicy topics such as the effects the 2020 wildfire season had on wine producers located on the west coast of the United States, how hot sauce supported advocates addressing racial justice issues in Portland, and how small businesses survived with their doors closed due to a constantly evolving global pandemic. Horse Devours is full of words,  lists, recipes, photography, interviews, hand lettering, and illustrations. The following is a selection of page spreads from the first edition of Horse Devours as well as the cover of the zine.

In 2022 Leyla and I took the name and decided to expand upon the offerings. We now make wine under the Horse Devours label. You can learn more about the project at Wines from the 2022 and 2023 vintage will be available in spring of 2024.
We wanted to touch base with some local small businesses when creating Horse Devours to see how everyone was fairing with the pandemic and civil unrest due to a uncomfortable political and social climate. Not to our surprise, Chef Ricky and his partner Angie of Grandpa Guero's hot sauce, and Corey, the owner of Jackalope Wine Cellars put their creativity to work and were able to create new ways to support the community. So if you're walking around Portland and happen upon a man slinging wine from the back of his pickup, just know, that's some damn tasty Viogier.