Fonts made using Adobe Illustrator, and Fontself the plug-in
Klasse is in it's third iteration. This was the first font I made whilst still attending college at the University of Oregon. This mono-weight Art Deco font was inspired by a found type specimen.
Art Deco style typeface
Round Chisel is an all caps display face based on traditional sign-painting casuals. This font was made by initially painting the basic brush strokes, vectorizing the said strokes, and then combining them to form the letters. This was an experiment to test my ability to create a typeface through combining components to create glyphs opposed to drawing out the whole set by hand, and then vectorizing each individual letter.
Signpainting casual script typeface
Roundup, it's for those who want to travel the dusty road, kick up dirt, and ride into the sunset. Roundup works hard just to enjoy the natural splendor you give it. Now kick up those boots, break out the bourbon and relax, everything is taken care of for you. Available for free through Kern Club